3 Ways To Keep Earbud Tips From Falling Off

Are you tired of losing your earbud tips? Do you want to know why your earbud tips keep falling off and what you can do to keep them from falling? Don’t worry! You’ll find the answers to all these questions by the time you reach the end of this article.

Most individuals prefer using earbuds as they are much more portable and convenient overall compared to full-sized headphone alternatives. 

However, many earbud users often face a daily problem: keeping their earbud tips from falling off, especially when exercising. It’s even worse when your earbud tips keep falling off when you’re just sitting comfortably in your chair doing nothing.

Not only is this an inconvenience, but it can be a costly experience as well. If you have an earpiece whose earbud tips keep falling off, you can unknowingly lose them anywhere, which can render your earbuds useless unless you buy a replacement tip and waste money and time in the process.

If your earbud tips keep falling off, you can try cleaning the tip with alcohol to eliminate any unwanted oil or wax. Sometimes this is enough to make your tips grip properly again. But, if that doesn’t work, you can consider using the tried and tested superglue or Teflon tape method to make them sit nice and firm.

Keep on reading to find out exactly how to address this problem and how to find the best replacement tips for your needs and wants! So, let’s get right into it!

1. Clean Your Earbud Tips Using Alcohol To Get Rid Of Slick Oil And Wax

Sometimes even good quality new earbud tips keep falling off and losing their grip. If this happens often, the first thing you should always do is give the earbud tips a thorough clean with alcohol to eliminate any oil, dust, or wax that may be causing the tip to lose grip.

Most of the time, this is often enough to end your earbud woes. But, if this doesn’t fix the problem, then consider using the other alternatives outlined below.

2. Use Super Glue To Make The Tips Stick

This is one of the simplest tricks you can use to keep your earbud tips fixed firmly where they belong (on your earbuds) and not on the ground! With only a few dabs of superglue, you can prevent your earbud tips from falling off ever again. 

The process is pretty simple. All you have to do is:

  • Remove the tips from the earbuds. 
  • Carefully dab a bit of superglue on the outer rim of the earbuds where the tips usually sit (be careful not to use too much glue as it can go down to the driver and damage the internals!).
  • Quickly place the tip back on before the super glue dries up.
  • Check to see if the tips fall off now.
  • Continue wearing your earbuds normally.

If you do a good job and don’t use an excess of glue, you should still be able to remove earbud tips and change them if and when needed.

3. Use Teflon Tape If You Want A More Sustainable Solution Than Superglue

Although the superglue method is an excellent way to put an end to the falling earbud tips issue, it isn’t exactly the most environmentally friendly one. If you’re looking for a more sustainable alternative, then the Teflon tape method can pretty much give the same results. 

Teflon tape — also known as thread seal or PTFE tape — is not covered in adhesives but does stick nicely around the earbud’s sound tube. 

All you have to do is cut a piece of tape just long enough to expand the tube’s diameter so that the earbud tips will stay in place. Now cut the Teflon tape lengthwise to make it the same width as that of the sound tube.

Wrap it tightly around the sound tube and make multiple passes. Use your nails and fingers to make the tape match the contours of the tube as closely as possible.

The earbud tips should sit more securely now if you’ve used the correct amount of Teflon tape.

Additionally, you can easily replace earbud tips if you want a different size or they wear out. 

Which Type Of Ear Tip Is The Best?

Rubber Earbud Tips

Rubber tips tend to be the most rigid and least comfortable tip material. It can also trigger skin allergies in some individuals. 

Due to these issues, rubber tips are always the least preferred type of earbud tips by audio enthusiasts.

Silicone Earbud Tips

Unlike rubber, silicone is an inert material and doesn’t cause allergic reactions. However, for some, tips made of silicone can be uncomfortable during long-term use.

If you’re planning on using your earbud for exercise, you should know that sweat tends to make silicone tips slippery and can cause your earbud’s tips to keep falling off. 

But, since they’re less noise-canceling than foam ear tips, they are generally a safer choice for joggers or individuals who use earbuds in potentially dangerous surroundings. 

Additionally, silicone tips are easier to clean and often more long-lasting than other earbud tip types. They come in a variety of multi-flange choices as well, which can offer better sound isolation, comfort, and fitting options.

Foam Earbud Tips 

Earbud tips made from foam are widely regarded as the most comfortable tip option because they conform their shape to fit your ear canal. 

Essentially, they are simple earplugs with a central hole. They are known to create a great seal and fit inside your ears and offer excellent noise isolation and cancellation properties.

However, many audio enthusiasts report that memory foam tips can sometimes negatively impact and alter sound quality. Some users complain of decreased highs and increased bass due to the “funneling” effect of foam earbud tips in the ear canal. 

If you’re thinking of getting foam tips, consider searching for a high-quality pair that comes with a “wax guard” that helps prevent the buildup of earwax inside the earbud tip’s tube.

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