Are Focal Car Speakers Good? 8 Reasons

Any audiophile worth their salt will want the best speakers their money can possibly buy. This is why when searching for a new car audio system, you might have noticed focal car speakers. With how expensive they can be, it’s only natural to ask, are they really worth the price tag?

Yes, we believe that Focal Car Speakers are good. They are made using some of the highest-quality materials and are exceptionally well-built. They enhance your experience by being specific for each car brand and, most importantly, are durable and dependable.

But that’s just our principle take on the matter; we’ll explore further reasons throughout this article regarding why we believe Focal Car Speakers are so good and why they are particularly worth your investment. If you’re an audiophile looking for the whole breakdown, continue reading.

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Why Are Focal Car Speakers Good?

Regardless of who you are, we all want a bit of luxury in our rides. And if you’re an audiophile, then you deserve the highest quality car audio system. Focal speakers have consistently provided us with the sensation that we’ve installed something special in our cars. And we think we know the reasons why.

Exceptional Sound Quality

Perhaps the first thing you will look for when assessing whether a car audio system is any good is the quality of the sound that it produces. This means if Focal wants to be deemed good, it needs to have a system with high-quality speakers that consistently produce amazing audio quality.

And we’re happy to say that is just the case with Focal Car speakers. They are, without a doubt, the most high-quality speakers that any audiophile can install into their car’s audio system. These speakers are designed to amplify the audio that is produced through them and clear up many noticeable distortions.

The speakers themselves are tremendously high-quality and can generate sound that might vary vastly in frequency, decibels, or hertz accurately and effectively. Moreover, the speakers have an in-built ability to produce clear sound even at higher volumes.

This means that you can comfortably raise the volume of whatever music you are listening to and will never have to compromise on clarity or have to face distortion when using Focal car speakers. Their speakers have been such high-quality that even the French Government rewarded them with numerous honors.

If you’re looking for speakers that consistently, accurately, and infallibly produce good sound quality, then look no further than Focal car speakers.

Built With Great Materials

Any speaker that can produce high-quality sound will also necessarily be made of high-quality materials, which is no different for Focal car speakers. Perhaps the most impressive facet about Focal speakers is the quality of materials that the company puts into making each of its speakers the best possible.

Focal speakers are particularly made in such a fashion that they would be able to withstand driving at high speeds and the potential vibrations that will be caused by excess sound levels. They are also designed with such great components that they stay well protected while they are in your vehicle.

Focal car speakers are made with flax sandwich cones. These are made in France and are cones that are renowned for being light, rigid, and have exceptional internal dampening. All of which means that the quality of the sound output will be impeccable.

Moreover, the company uses a specific technology that is unique to individual speaker sets that they produce. This means that you will be getting something wholly special with every speaker that you purchase. And will not find a similar copy on the market even if you tried to look very hard for it.

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The History Of The Focal Speaker Company

The Focal company has for several decades now been producing top-quality products for acoustic equipment. And their work in regards to this particular field has been seen as a benchmark for the entire industry since they started on the market in 1979.

It is thus no surprise that their products are both highly coveted and highly valued both in the market space and generally by audiophiles all over the world. The Focal company has been highly innovative in several speaker productions that they’ve done.

Something incredible about the company is its attempt to mix various new technologies, mechanics, designs, and materials to construct some of the most groundbreaking projects. These wholly unique constructions provide so many with such unique listening experiences that it’s hard to find another to compare.

Because they focus on providing individually tailored experiences, the focal speakers rank very high on people’s lists. They offer amazing sound clarity and can handle a tremendous amount of power. All of these are points that any major audiophile cannot ignore whilst looking for car speakers.

Over so many decades, the company has built its reputation around stable speakers that can house all important components and keep them significantly impact-free. This is achieved by the lightweight rubber that surrounds the internal components and absorbs shock, impact, and nasty collisions.

Ultimately, Focal has a rich history of providing high-quality car speakers, which is why they can be regarded as being so good so consistently by us or any other reviewer.

Ease Of Installation

Perhaps one of the most troubling aspects of car speakers is that you have to quite a bit of time, effort, and resources to get them installed onto your car’s audio system. This often means taking the car to a local shop that would do all the wiring and placement of the speakers for you.

However, this is not the case with Focal car speakers. One of their features is their ease of installation. This asset was particularly emphasized in their new Plug & Play line, which has been deemed 100% compatible with any factory car systems.

This feature makes it incredibly easy for all you audiophiles to install your Focal car speakers yourself, and without the need of a specific mechanic or audio technician to help you out. This is possible due to the kits that Focal provides their customers whenever they purchase car speakers.

These kits are incredibly easy and simple to use, which means that regardless of your particular skill level handling such equipment, you will be easily able to install a focal car speaker set into your car for personal use.

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Focal Speakers Have Inverted-dome Tweeters

Inside of a Focal Factory

One of the best new features that Focal introduced into their car speaker line is their patented inverted-dome tweeters. This is an exceptionally important technology added to the speaker market because it adds so much more quality to the overall sound quality.

The inverted-dome tweeters can disperse high frequencies at an even level whilst also maintaining high resolution. You won’t be able to find speakers that perform quite like this by other companies.

Good frequency response is important because it allows the speaker to play all the low, middle, and high tones correctly and accurately. Moreover, high audio fidelity and rich, vibrant sound are also produced when you use Focal speakers using this unique technology.

Finally, the inverted-dome speakers are both strong and lightweight. This allows the speakers to be able to carry out the cone movement unimpeded by any additional structure. With nothing to impede movement, there is very quick and efficient head dissipation that occurs within these speakers.

This can cause plenty of ventilation and cooling to occur when the speakers are working at their maximum potential. So rather than overheating and producing low-quality audio, the systems can generate audio output with consistent quality.

Beautiful Designs

Another major reason why Focal car speakers are so spectacular is because of their gorgeous designs and themes. When you buy one of their products, you know for a fact that you’re getting an amazing piece that will add to the aesthetic of your car.

This makes each of their sets so special, as they genuinely add to the pattern you want to have within your car and act as a means to further customize your interiors. Focal uses designer sets made by some of the most creative minds to further add to the quality and look of their speakers.

Additionally, many of their designs illustrate an almost luxurious look to them, projecting a certain class of features that most mid to low-tier speakers simply cannot compete with. We’ve seen their designs be heralded by several major audiophile news outlets and information hubs. And they deserve all the praise in this regard.

Bringing Home Audio Systems With You

One of Focal’s most impressive speaker lines is their “Integration” series. The Integration series uses high-grade, high-fidelity car audio technology that can even compete with many state-of-the-art home speaker systems.

You might already have guessed it, but what this means is that you can hear the same pristine quality audio and sound performance that you would otherwise experience at home in the comfort of your car.

This is simply unprecedented, as for many people, car audio systems simply cannot reach the power, frequency, and volume requirements that they have of their home systems. And this is precisely why the Integration line from Focal has been such a smashing success in all aspects.

Unlike the cones mentioned earlier, this series has its internal cones made out of a material known as Polyglass. This material allows for the speakers to stay quite rigid once producing audio output and thus is able to reduce or avoid the distortion that might be caused by high volumes.

These are also adjustable, so you can change the direction of the tweeters that are used in this particular series of speakers. This will allow you to aim the tweeters towards the driver, so you can get the absolute best possible audio experience.

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The Flexibility Of The Setup

One of the most amazing facets of the Focal company is that they make it as simple as possible for the customer to get the experience that they wish to obtain. They provide a detailed list of all the options and compatibility profiles you would desire on their website after you’ve entered your car’s brand.

This means you will be able to pick and choose the best possible option for your particular brand of car and will not have to compromise with a version that might not be perfectly suited to your particular device.

By doing so, they remove much of the guesswork, irritation, and exchanges that might have otherwise been caused by making that entire process a manual slog. So, you can expect the speakers you get the first time will be the perfect ones for your car system.

Finally, within this point, there is also the issue of allowing for a flexible setup of the audio system itself. What this means is, that the coaxial and component kits provided by Focal can be combined with subwoofers and amplifiers, as per your requirements.

This means you can customize your audio setup however you choose to do so and make it possible to have precisely the sort of acoustics you want. This sort of tailored experience is very hard to find in other areas of the market. What is the key difference between Focal and its competitors?

And there you have it, eight important reasons why we believe that Focal car speakers are so good. It is no mystery when you look at them that they are gorgeous products, but when you listen to their audio quality, you are further convinced of their craftsmanship.

Add onto the audio quality and looks, the sheer flexibility in being able to tailor the audio system and speakers you install into your car then it is obvious to see why Focal car speakers are regarded as being one of the best in the market.

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