Can A Homepod Mini Be Used As A Bluetooth Speaker?

For several years now, it seems that the leading technology company in the world has been Apple. Whether it be their new and innovative Apple watches, their iPhones, or their range of iPads, they have been an absolute juggernaut in the market.

Thus it’s probably no surprise then that people have come to expect some spectacular versatility and quality from Apple products, and the HomePod Mini is no different. So it’s natural for people to ask if it can do more things than just be an assistant; can it perhaps also be a Bluetooth speaker?

If you’re primarily using Apple products, then yes, the HomePod Mini can be used as a Bluetooth speaker. However, the HomePod Mini simply doesn’t have the vast connection capabilities that would be required from a traditional Bluetooth Speaker and are simply far too limiting.

We understand that not being able to use your newly bought HomePod Mini as a Bluetooth speaker and not being able to connect it to other devices can be frustrating. However, if you’re someone that only has Apple products at home, then this can be less of an issue for you.

Simply put, Apple has an amazing interconnection between all of its devices, and the HomePod Mini is no exception. It works great with other Apple products and can be used as a Bluetooth speaker. But if you need help setting that connection up, then we’re here to aid in giving you all the steps you need to follow

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Why Can’t The HomePod Mini Be Used As A Bluetooth Speaker?

The major factor that ultimately is the reason why the HomePod Mini cannot be used as a Bluetooth speaker is that it is limited in its ability to connect to other devices. Although, yes, the HomePod Mini has both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functionality, things aren’t always that simple.

You see, even with the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functionality, the HomePod Mini cannot connect to other devices, and it is almost mandatory for an Apple product such as an iPhone to be present for the device to connect in the first place.

This is largely due to Apple wanting their products to work especially well under their eco-system of products. It’s why it’s incredibly difficult to use third-party devices with Apple products because the system requirements and software needed are simply absent in other devices that aren’t produced and sold by Apple.

The HomePod uses its Bluetooth functionality in conjunction with Apple’s HomeKit that is implanted in their smart devices. It thus forms a connection that seems similar to normal Bluetooth; however, it is distinct in this fundamental way.

Finally, we believe that the HomePod mostly relies on Wi-Fi to stream its audio and thus simply doesn’t have the function to act as a Bluetooth speaker. All of its audio streaming thus is based on Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth is simply a mechanism employed to communicate with other Apple devices.

It’s upsetting to say, but you cannot use your HomePod to act as a Bluetooth speaker. However, we do have a few methods you can use to make it connect to your Apple devices to act as a portable speaker for you.

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How To Use The HomePod Mini As A Bluetooth Speaker?

As we discussed earlier, you, unfortunately, cannot use the HomePod Mini as a Bluetooth speaker, but we believe that all hope is not lost. There is one method that we can attempt to at least stimulate the feeling of a Bluetooth speaker using a HomePod Mini.

This method largely does not rely on third-party devices outside the ecosystem of Apple products. Thus it can be safely performed to ensure that you have at least some audio streaming options available to you, even if you can’t obtain a Bluetooth speaker immediately.

This method relies on using AirMusic to stream the audio straight into HomePod Mini, and the second method is by connecting your Apple iPhone or iPad directly to your HomePod.

Use AirMusic With The HomePod Mini

The first method we’ll discuss regarding how you can turn your HomePod Mini into a speaker-of-sorts is to use the AirMusic application. The application uses a Wi-fi connection as a gateway between your phone and the HomePod but can be used to stream audio and music especially.

  • Download the AirMusic app on your phone.
  • Enter General Settings and select AirPlay.
  • Accept the Prompt by the app to start streaming through AirPlay
  • Select your HomePod speakers.

And voila, you should be able to stream and produce the audio output of music you enjoy on your HomePod Mini in this fashion. It’s truly as simple as that when it comes to using your HomePod Mini as an incomplete substitute for a real Bluetooth device.

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Connect Your HomePod To Your iPad Or iPhone

For this method, you need to follow a few simple steps, and in no time, you should be able to use the HomePod as an alternative speaker for channeling music and audio from your iPhone or iPad. The steps are as follows:

  • Download the HomePod application on your iPhone or iPad from the app store.
  • Connect your HomePod with your iPhone or iPad by using its Bluetooth function
  • Run the HomePod application
  • Select the Settings option located in the upper right-hand corner
  • Select the Bluetooth option
  • Select HomePod from all the available devices that you can connect with
  • Press Connect
  • Switch the Speakers to On and enable it when prompted.

And that’s about all you have to do to set up your HomePod as a Bluetooth speaker for your apple iPhone or Apple iPad.

Although unfortunately, the HomePod Mini cannot be used as a general Bluetooth speaker that you can use with whatever device you so choose. It has Bluetooth functionality if you follow the steps we dictated above and utilize an Apple device when doing so.

We believe that if you’re looking to use a Bluetooth device, then buying a dedicated one is probably the best way to go. However, we also believe that the HomePod Mini is a quality product that you shouldn’t pass up if you want to make a purchase.

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