Can You Use A Bluetooth Speaker In Your Car?

People use Bluetooth speakers for a host of different things. Many of the most popular things that people like to do with them are playing music, receiving hands-free calls, and in other cases, just enjoying a car ride.

So it stands to reason why so many people wonder if Bluetooth Speakers can be used in tangent with their cars. If you’ve been looking to spice up your car rides with some jamming tunes, then you don’t have to worry because we’ve got all the answers you need.

Yes, you can use a Bluetooth speaker in your car. However, the more common Bluetooth speakers used in cars are of the portable variety, with built-in batteries to sustain them through car rides. Many of these speakers allow you to enjoy music and hands-free calls, all with spectacular sound quality.

For many people using a good Bluetooth speaker can completely change the experience of driving your car around. Many of these Bluetooth speakers have come a long way since their initial inception and can do a lot more than just play music while you’re sitting in the car.

Throughout this article, we’ll be discussing a few of the various things possible with good Bluetooth speakers.

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Can I Use A Bluetooth Speaker In My Car?

The answer we can provide to this question is simple but often confuses many people. Especially when you consider how you can simply use the speakers available in your car, but you might not have the best audio system installed in your vehicle.

It could also be possible that your speakers simply do not work as well as they possibly can, and thus it often is a worse audio experience trying to get them to work than it would be to simply use your portable Bluetooth speakers.

In the opinion of some people, it is often harder to use a Bluetooth speaker simply because you have to connect it to your audio system and music player. Moreover, you have to find someplace where you can place your device, and it stays fixed. Otherwise, many devices simply move around too much, and it can be annoying to take care of them while trying to drive.

Thus, many people have some concerns regarding the usage of Bluetooth speakers in the car. However, let us assure you that even with that potential issue, you can use your Bluetooth speakers in your car. It definitely can be done, and connecting the device with your media player is a simple process that we shall explain in greater detail.

Although we just discussed some advantages and even disadvantages of using a Bluetooth speaker, we think that the advantages simply outweigh the disadvantages in this particular regard. Furthermore, we know for a fact that certain Bluetooth speakers have been designed to function better in cars than regularly.

With devices on the market that are designed for in-vehicle use in mind, it is no surprise that the best course of action is to use these devices in your cars themselves. But how do you figure out which Bluetooth Speaker is the best for your specific car? Let’s review some factors to look for when picking the best out.

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Key Features Of The Best Bluetooth Speakers

All Bluetooth speakers come with various features and functionality that make them drastically different from each other. These devices not only differ from each other based on their outlook but also have massive differences in relation to specific technological differences.

If you’re planning on using a Bluetooth speaker in your car, then we urge that you make sure that the features that exist within that Bluetooth speaker are compatible with your vehicle. Otherwise, you mind end up spending extra for a device that might not even fulfill all of your needs.

In this section of the article, we’ve listed down some of the key features that you might want to look out for in your Bluetooth speaker. These features and functions include the following:

Voice Command

One of the key functionalities that are associated with Bluetooth speakers nowadays is the feature of voice command, or voice prompts. This is an essential feature if you’re hoping that your Bluetooth speakers can provide a hands-free experience to you.

The basic aspect of this feature is that with the use of voice commands, and without pressing even a single button, the device will recognize your voice and receive or make calls.

This can extend even further, wherein the device will be able to forward to the next audio track, song, or pause and play based on the command that you’ve issued.

With voice command, all you need is the speaker itself and the ability to speak clearly towards the Bluetooth speaker when issuing a command. And voila, without using your hands, you can do various other things.

This feature is necessary if you enjoy using your Bluetooth Speaker whilst driving or doing something else in the car. Since it requires the minimum amount of attention from you, as the user, you don’t have to worry about ever messing up your drive or your audio pleasures whilst using it.

So if you’ll be looking for a Bluetooth speaker any time soon, then we recommend that you ensure that it always has a voice command as a feature before making the final purchase.

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Automatic Pairing And Waking

Another feature that we think adds massive amounts of convenience to your usage of your Bluetooth speakers in your car is if they have automatic pairing and waking features. These can drastically reduce the amount of time you spend setting up your device and increase the time you spend enjoying the serene music.

Automatic Pairing and waking have been an almost essential feature at this point. You want all of your devices to be as convenient to use as possible, and this feature just adds to that element of your Bluetooth Speaker.

Imagine being able to get into your car with your Bluetooth speaker, and it automatically connects and instantly starts your favorite tunes. It’s one of the features that makes using a separate Bluetooth speaker rather than the speakers in-built into your car attractive.

This is because most car speakers are far worse at audio production than Bluetooth speakers that you can separately purchase. So when the Bluetooth speaker can instantly pair and play, it makes it far more likely that you will spend the time using them rather than just keep using your car speakers, which might give worse performances.

So if you’re looking for a Bluetooth speaker for your car, make sure it comes with an Automatic Waking and Pairing feature. For both your convenience and your comfort when using the separate speaker rather than your car speakers.


How robust and durable your Bluetooth speakers are is very important in picking out which Bluetooth Speakers you should purchase for your car. This is because there is a lot of movement and shock that occurs whilst driving, and if your speakers aren’t able to withstand that, then they’ll stop functioning real soon.

The best way to mitigate this issue is to purchase a Bluetooth speaker that can perform far better for far longer due to its greater robustness and strength. Otherwise, you might find yourself ending up taking a strong brake or a bumpy hit from a speed-breaker and ending up losing your Bluetooth speaker altogether.

So if you’re looking to purchase a Bluetooth speaker, then keep robustness and durability in mind. Especially with how you like to drive your car and what you think the experiences will be like.

Noise Cancellation

We all know that the streets are often jam-packed with a random assortment of loud noises, horns, shouting, and so much more. And it becomes difficult to enjoy the serenity of some spectacular music among all the noise.

This is why we believe you should probably invest in purchasing Bluetooth speakers that can tune out that noise for you. The Noise Cancellation feature in some of the latest Bluetooth speakers is thus perfect for just this eventuality.

This feature lets you drown out the noise and clutter of the roads and allows you to focus on the audio itself. Whether you’re listening to music or making an important phone call, either way, you require clear audio that isn’t disrupted by the outside noises. So noise cancellation has become essential.

However, we will say that you must be careful when you are using noise-canceling Bluetooth speakers. The roads can be extremely dangerous if you’re not paying attention. So please make sure that you aren’t ignoring the road and other drivers while you’re using your Bluetooth speakers.

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The Size Of Your Bluetooth Speakers

The last aspect that you should be wary of when choosing to buy a Bluetooth speaker is the size of the headphone itself. The speaker’s dimensions matter a lot, as it dictates how it will interact with the rest of your vehicle while you’re using it and driving.

If the Bluetooth speakers are too big, there is a chance that inertia might cause them to wobble a lot, and they might even disengage from the position that you’ve set. This can be problematic, as you’ll have to either fix them after you stop the car or might attempt to do so whilst driving, which can be dangerous.

If the speakers are too small, then they won’t fit into the finer spots that you’ve made for them. If they get dislodged, they will move around and keep bumping into the rest of your car. It might also distort the audio quality, which can cause further issues for you.

So you must pick a Bluetooth speaker that you know will be the right fit for you and your car. And will not give you any hassles regarding being too big or too small.

Recommended Bluetooth Speakers For Your Car

Although several Bluetooth speakers are available for you to purchase in the market, we believe that some are just a cut above the rest. For the sake of this article, we want to draw your attention to one just device that we think will generally satisfy the most amount of people.

You can search for further options, but we hope that our recommendation will give you a general idea of what you should be looking at when assessing real Bluetooth speakers. If you have suggestions for us to review others, let us know.

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The Jabra Freeway

In our opinion, the best Bluetooth speaker for the general use of most people will be the Jabra Freeway. The Jabra company is a renowned American brand with exceptional audio quality in its Bluetooth speakers.

Their Jabra Freeway is a beautifully designed speaker that will be an aesthetic addition to your car interior. You will enjoy its looks, as it comes with a few options that you can pick to fit your style more properly.

Moreover, the Jabra Freeway comes with a dual microphone with a noise cancellation feature. The brilliant aspect of the Jabra Freeway is that it is very portable, and you can quite easily get it installed onto your car’s audio system to use it effectively and easily.

Topping this list is the Jabra Freeway. Jabra is a trendy and respected American brand that’s renowned for producing quality audio and video equipment. Jabra Freeway Bluetooth Speaker is one of their finest creations, mainly because it is very portable and straightforward to install in your car.

It has the perfect size to fit snuggly into any part of your car, and it comes included with a voice command. So you can, without worry, make and receive calls and listen to music.

We recommend the Jabra Freeway if you’re looking for a Bluetooth speaker for your car.

And that’s about all you need to know about if you can use your Bluetooth speakers in your car. The installation process for many of these is simple enough if you use their Bluetooth connection feature. And in a matter of minutes, you should have yours set up.

We hope our details regarding each aspect you should be looking for in your Bluetooth speaker were helpful and elucidated your idea about what you should purchase as well. Till next time! Ciao.

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