Do You Need a Soundbar for a Smart TV? How To Decide

You may have just purchased a smart TV and wondering what relevance a soundbar has on your modern mega- appliance. Perhaps you’re the kind with a preference for elevated sound levels and wondering if a soundbar affixed to your TV is what you need.

The truth is, helping people make decisions related to their preferences for varied digital technology is a difficult one. Choosing to add a soundbar to your smart TV essentially depends on what exactly you are looking for. Yes, soundbars are suitable add-on’s when you’re interested in ultra-purified sounds, extra volume layers, and a little extravagance.

On the flip side, all you need maybe a TV with a good sound system, which is incorporated perfectly in smart TVs. This post helps you make the best decisions based on your preferences for what’s obtainable in a soundbar. It also reveals what you stand to gain when you opt for a soundbar.

What Benefits are there For adding a Soundbar to a Smart TV?

You may not just want to add a soundbar to your TV setup. This may be due to your choice for simplicity, the space it takes up, or the additional cost of getting one. However, if all you want is simply a good reason to fix one for your TV, we have curated three reasons you should get a soundbar for your smart TV.

1. Movie experiences become better

It is very easy to overlook the need for a soundbar when you have a smart TV installed on your wall.  Undoubtedly, smart TVs are the rave of the moment, featuring online streaming, smartphone connectivity, social networking, and much more. But nothing compares to the aural pleasure of watching movies with a soundbar system.

Soundbars have an excellent way of making you forget we’re still living an earthbound ephemeral reality. Adding soundbars to the digital brilliance of a smart TV is the perfect way to hit a higher dimension. After all, who wouldn’t wish to double the excitement of watching their favorite TV show in a near-cinematic atmosphere?

2. Elevated sound levels

You may have asked yourself, “Are soundbar speakers better than smart TV speakers?” Well, this is easy to answer. The best soundbars easily outperform the speakers of most smart TVs. This, however, still depends on the performance standards you’re looking for.

Soundbars feature higher sensitivity with a wraparound sound effect that is fit to be paired with a smart TV. Some people, however, would prefer to stick to the natural audio system in a typical smart TV. This may be due to the more controlled volumes.

In a nutshell,  if you are a sound minimalist, dealing with your smart TV’s sound system could be all you need.

3. Aesthetics

It is difficult to deny the beauty and cutting-edge technology of most soundbars. They are often sleek and add a little extra touch to the beautiful home appliances bring to a home. You may be looking at using up the space around where your smart TV is installed, which is perfect too.

What Should I look out For When Buying a Soundbar?

If you’re convinced of the necessity of getting a soundbar for your smart TV, the next thing to consider is the model that fits your needs. How much you spend on the soundbar depends on how picky your audio quality is. The kind of content you want to watch is another factor to consider.

Big action movies benefit more when your smart TV is connected to a soundbar. The high volume and exceptional bass give it exactly the feel you want. On the other hand, Dramas benefit from clear audio so that you can make the dialogues better.

Below are what you should look out for in a soundbar to ensure they meet the heightened experience when plugged into a smart TV.

Check the inputs

This is the first thing you should ask your electronic dealer about. Ensure the soundbar you’re buying has an HDMI as well as optical stereo inputs. Compare this to your smart TV’s output to make sure they match before purchasing.

The HDMI interface supports more audio formats than optical. This means you will get a higher quality sound that is more immersive with HDMI. You should be aware that not all HDMIs are equal for soundbars.

To connect your smart TV to your soundbar, your smart TV needs to support an HDMI arc. This is an audio rerun channel or HDMI eARC. If your TV doesn’t support these, that means you have to stick with an optical connection.        

Wireless Connectivity

With wireless technology becoming the rave of the moment, soundbars are not left out. Most modern soundbars feature wireless connections. With this, you won’t have messy cables clustered around when you install your soundbar.

Most soundbars support Bluetooth connectivity and streaming from your tablet phones or computer. Certain soundbars even support connection to a whole-home wireless system, linked over Wifi.

The number of speakers a soundbar has affects the quality and the loudness of the audio produced. If you’re looking for the best audio experience for games visualized on your smart TV, a multi-speaker soundbar is preferred. However, you may not want multiple speakers, a downside if you’re space-conscious.

Support for audio technologies

Audio sound technologies like Dolby and Atmos create an incredible surround-sound experience. This, in combination with your Smart TV, is sure to create a home-cinema experience for you and your family.


Getting a soundbar connected to your smart TV is definitely one way of improving your audio-visual experience. The question, however, is, do you need it? As we have shown you, the answer to this depends on what is of high priority to you.

A smart TV can function alone with tweakable features that allow you to adjust or improve the sound. You can stick to this if you’re not too interested in whatever additional features a soundbar brings to your home. We have carefully highlighted everything that makes soundbars an interesting choice for use with your smart TV.

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